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    Millions of people across the UK are putting in payment protection insurance claims to win back compensation from wrongly sold ppi policies.Whatever your circumstances and preferences, our specialist mortgage brokers aim to find you the most competitive mortgage and insurance quotes from the whole of the UK mortgage market.

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Initial contact with you, will be by phone, this is to establish that all your details are correct and to answer any questions that you may have about your mortgage, thereafter, communication with you will be via e-mail unless you prefer to communicate with us by phone on 0845 3562 44751. When looking for your first mortgage it can be very hard to juggle finances at home. To help make things more manageable with your credit card bills why not compare credit cards online to find the best transfers and re-payments to suit you. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE

What happens next?

Now your endowment policy is ready for sale, you have prepared the documents and you understand the basics, no doubt you will be interested to know roughly what to expect and when from here on in.

Buyers are typically methodical in their approach to the paperwork so the process is reasonably predictable. It's time to see what happens next.

In depth information about the process after you have prepared.

Preparing your policy for sale

To sell your secondhand or traded endowments as they are commonly known, quickly and with a minimum of fuss, we have a few tips for a smooth ride. See the policy preparation guide for some jargon busting common sense.

What about compensation?

Your endowment could be worth more than you think. After selling endowment look in to the endowment claim market to see if you are a victim of misselling. Many who sold their policies in the last few years are finding that they can still make a claim for thousands, you could well be one of them.